Photo by Lou Levit

The Rome Area Writers membership would like to thank the outgoing leadership for their time and efforts during the 2016 year. We appreciate the sacrifice of time and energy that you have put into the job. Thanks to that effort, we had the revival of our participation in the Chiaha Festival and continued growth of the group.

  • Paul Culotta, President
  • Gene Magnicheri, Vice President
  • Emily Farmer, Secretary
  • Paul Moses, Treasurer
  • Dekie Hicks, Membership

We also want to welcome the new leadership for 2017 and encourage them. Thanks for accepting  your nominations and leading us through this new year.

  • Paul Moses, President
  • Jason Lowrey, Vice President
  • Merrill Davies, Secretary
  • Emily Farmer, Treasurer
  • Dekie Hicks, Membership

As always, the focus of the group is “Writers helping Writers.” If you would like to participate in a committee dedicated to certain events or tasks within the group let us know.


Next Meeting is January 12th

The next meeting of the Rome Area Writers will be Thursday, January 12th at 6pm. We will meet in the Oostanaula Room, not the Etowah Room. At this meeting we will be electing the officers for 2017 term, so all members please come and participate in this important event.

Christmas Meeting

Tonight (December 15th) is the December meeting of the Rome Area Writers at the Landmark Restaurant. Bring your Christmas poems or stories to share and let us celebrate Christmas together. The meeting will start at 6:00 pm.

Next Meeting will be December 15th

The December meeting of the Rome Area Writers will be at 6 PM on December 15th at the Landmark Restaurant, 2740 Martha Berry Highway NE.  Members and their guests will be able to order items off the Landmark menu and have the opportunity to read any poem, short fiction or non-fiction relating to Christmas and the Holiday Season.  Look forward to seeing everyone there.

November Meet Rescheduled

The November meeting of the Rome Area Writers has been rescheduled for Monday November 21. It will be at 6:00 in the Etowah room of the Rome/Floyd County Library. Novelist Bryan Powell will be our speaker. Bryan not only has authored a number of Christian Fiction/Political Fiction novels, but also has composed/arranged music with eighty choral works to his credit. From his years of experience as an author, Bryan will be speaking to us on the topic of marketing. His presentation, “Marketing is Murder” will be of interest to anyone who has a book or is looking to have a book published.

Also, remember that the December meeting will be at the Landmark at 6:00 pm on December 15th.