February 11: Character Arcs

Rome Area Writers is holding its monthly meeting Thursday, February 11, at 6 p.m. via Zoom. The meeting will feature a presentation about character arcs. We will discuss why character arcs are important to a story and how we can develop effective, engaging character arcs.

The meeting will end with a prompt for March: Write a scene with two characters in which one character has remarkably changed. This change can be for good or ill, and the conversation can be positive, negative, happy, or tense. Consider for the prompt: What questions could the characters ask each other? What would they think, or feel, about the answers they get? Are they in agreement at the end, where they started, or further apart?

The meeting link will be emailed to current members. If you’re interested in attending the meeting and are not yet a RAW member, please please contact to request the link. We’d be happy to have you!